Phidias N. Bourlas: Personal info

I was born on 27 November 1970, in Athens, Hellas.


PhD student.
National Technical University of Athens, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Division of Computer Science, Computer Systems Laboratory.
Since December 1993.
Scientific area: Artificial Intelligence Tools (Machine Learning)
Advisors: P. Tsanakas, G. Papakonstantinou, K. Pekmestzi

Diploma of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
(Computer Engineering & Computer Science course cycle.)
National Technical University of Athens.
8 November 1993.
Grade: 8.96/10

(Entered NTUA September 1988, achieving 619/640 at the introductory exams - 2nd in NTUA.)

Lyceum (college) certificate of graduation.
25th Lyceum of Athens.
June 1988.
Grade: 19.8/20

Took part in the following scientific projects:

Implementation of a knowledge aquisition and management system for ECG diagnosis.
Implementation of various machine learning algorithms (e.g. Quinlan's ID3 for inductive learning decision trees by examples, Papakonstantinou's for decision tables etc.)

Implementatation of two expert systems for ECG (electrocardiogram) diagnosis.
Implementation of a Windows95 version of the NTUA Knowledge Expert system shell.
Educational multimedia system about ECGs (HILDE project).
Connection and cooperation of the above systems.

Telemedical project with special topic the ECG signal acquiring and storing, using digital cardiograph connected to PC, through the serial port.

EMPix operating system improvements and extensions. (Hard disk and windows support.)

Implementation of the Greek BASIC programming system.

Other info:

Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), since 2 April 1994 (num. 67720).

Phidias N. Bourlas
4 August 2001
N.T.U.A., Athens, Hellas

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